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Offering High Intensity Interval Training in a group setting, combined with nutritional planning and personal coaching.

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Loganville Flex Body Shop

Bored with your same old workout routine? Tired of no results? Ready to blast the fat away? Need to tone & tighten or gain lean muscle mass? Check out the Loganville Flex Body Shop for a new fitness experience! We provide a safe, non-intimidating, positive, and result driven atmosphere. We offer High Intensity Interval Training in a group setting, combined with nutritional planning and personal coaching with our Boot Camp Fitness and ZUMBA classes.
We are located in the heart of Loganville on Main Street. Shop hours start at 5:15 AM and end at 8 PM giving you the accessibility you need! Make time for you and build lasting friendships. Don’t keep wishing for it — come work for it at the Loganville Flex Body Shop!

Burn Fat

Say goodbye to fat & hello to lean muscle mass & strength!

Build Muscle

We will create a plan for you that gives maximum results.


Let our Body Mechanics give your lifestyle the tune up it deserves.

Fitness Bootcamp

Short-but-intense interval exercise that burns calories and tones the whole body.

Zumba Classes

Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.

Group Personal Training

Group fitness is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in workouts.


Karol Trammel

I am now 61 years old and one of Flex Body Shop’s longest (and oldest) clients and could not have gotten where I am without Flex Body Shop and all the many encouraging friends I have made over these last four years.  I have lost 91 pounds through healthy eating and exercise and feel AWESOME!  I cannot thank Donna enough for being my coach and my friend, and for keeping me focused as I continue a fit and healthy lifestyle!

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Rhonna Beasley

With extra time on my hands, I began working out more with FBS doing boot camp training along with the Zumba.  Ten months later, I had lost 70 lbs and felt better than I had in at least two decades!  I have become an exercise junkie, something I never would’ve thought!!  I love my workouts, and have maintained my weight loss.  I’m working on strength and toning and feel like my life is totally in my hands again.  This journey is an on-going one, and of course there are challenges.  But with the support of my FBS family, I know I’m never going back to my old life.  Things are just too great now!

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Elisabeth Bates

Since becoming part of FBS I have come off all of my MS medications. I stated at 205 and am now at 173. I went from size 12 to a size 8!! I’m amazed at what I’m able to accomplish that the doctor’s say I couldn’t. The support system at FBS is amazing. If I need an exercise modified, there are no questions asked it’s change to accommodate me and anyone else. I never thought I could be back to my “old” self, but FBS and the FBS family has provided the love and support to help get me there!

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Flex Body Shop

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Flex Body Shop is an indoor Boot Camp and Zumba fitness facility located in Loganville, Georgia.
Featuring group training with individualized support, we will work with you to make you the best version of yourself!

info@flexbodyshop.com     |     770-274-4564     |     271 Main Street, Loganville, Georgia 30052