Success Stories

Rhonna Beasley

I began my fitness journey in October 2014.  I was a 55 year old veteran elementary teacher, always exhausted, 234 lbs.  Walking on arthritic knees was a challenge; most days I felt like a 90 year old shuffling around.  When I found Fit4Lifewithdonna (currently Flex Body Shop) and Advocare, my life took a major turn for the better.  I began using BioCharge for my joints and soon came off prescription NSaid pain relievers.  I was able then to start Zumba classes, and I was hooked!  I began to lose weight and feel better.

I retired at Christmas break, 2014.  With extra time on my hands, I began working out more with FBS doing boot camp training along with the Zumba. Ten months later, I had lost 70 lbs and felt better than I had in at least two decades!  I have become an exercise junkie, something I never would’ve thought!!  I love my workouts, and have maintained my weight loss.  I’m working on strength and toning and feel like my life is totally in my hands again.  This journey is an on-going one, and of course there are challenges.  But with the support of my FBS family, I know I’m never going back to my old life.  Things are just too great now!

Karol Trammel

My whole life I have had a weight problem being a yoyo dieter; after starting a business in 1996 where I was sitting at a computer hours and hours a day, I let myself become the heaviest I had ever been.  In 2004, I looked back at pictures of myself at my son’s wedding,  and I could not believe what I saw – I was 49 years old and 228 pounds! I told myself I was never going to look that way again.  I had one year before my 50th birthday and was determined to lose 50 pounds during that year. In November 2005,  I had achieved my 50-pound personal goal through various programs; however, I still wanted to lose more.

My journey continued with ups and downs along the way until I found Zumba. I love to dance, so I thought I would try it.  I fell in love with it and went on to zumba with Donna in 2012.  With Donna’s encouragement, I continued to jiggle and shake those pounds and inches away.
Next came boot camp training, and I found myself working out four to five days a week seeing the transformation of a “new me”!

I am now 61 years old and one of Flex Body Shop’s longest (and oldest) clients and could not have gotten where I am without Flex Body Shop and all the many encouraging friends I have made over these last four years.  I have lost 91 pounds through healthy eating and exercise and feel AWESOME!  I cannot thank Donna enough for being my coach and my friend, and for keeping me focused as I continue a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Elisabeth Bates

I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago and had been on 3 different medications. I started working out with FBS in January 2016. My doctor didn’t want me doing any more than a mile of walking for exercise. Since becoming part of FBS I have come off all of my MS medications. I stated at 205 and am now at 173. I went from size 12 to a size 8!!

I’m amazed at what I’m able to accomplish that the doctor’s say I couldn’t. The support system at FBS is amazing. If I need an exercise modified, there are no questions asked it’s change to accommodate me and anyone else. I never thought I could be back to my “old” self, but FBS and the FBS family has provided the love and support to help get me there!

Autumn Coleman

My journey with Donna started in 2014 when we met at an Advocare mixer. She invited me to join her Zumba class. From that point I transitioned to her house for boot camp classes in addition to Zumba. Flex Body Shop (FBS) was taking shape, and so was I. In the last 2 years I have lost 80 pounds and gone from a size 22 to 12-14.

I am still a work in progress, but I can account my success thus far to all of the wonderful friendships I have made while working out as part of FBS. It’s become a lifestyle change, not only in nutrition and training but also the relationships I have developed with other members. We hold each other accountable, and look forward to seeing other and celebrating one another’s successes. FBS has become my workout family through thick and thin, no pun intended. I am so grateful FBS came into my life and changed it forever.


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